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The Society seeks to provide a focus and forum for all matter related to carotenoid research, and to encourage, promote and support all aspects of the carotenoid field. A number of activities are being initiated or are under evaluation. Information will be given as the activities develop

* To act as an umbrella organization, to encourage and support the establishment of local or regional branches
* To establish relations with other relevant societies and scientific bodies
* To encourage local/regional training workshops and symposia
* To establish a system of communications and for dissemination of information
* To promote publicity for carotenoids and the carotenoid field
* To assume formal responsibility for the International Symposia on Carotenoids
* To encourage and promote special topics workshops and symposia
* To promote and encourage international, interdisciplinary and academic/commercial cooperation
* To provide a forum for advice and discussion
* To identify other means of facilitating research