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Announcement Seeking Proposals for HOSTS ICS 2020

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Dear ICS members,

The ICS Council is now accepting proposals from well-established carotenoid scientists who are interested in hosting the 2020 International Symposium on Carotenoids. The candidates are encouraged to notify the Society of their intent to submit a proposal by email to John Landrum (, the president of ICS, at the earliest possible time.  The following information will be required as a part of the final proposal:
1) Provide the proposed location in the city such as university or convention center where you plan to hold the conference; also provide photographs and capacity of the auditoriums and associated facilities.
2) Briefly describe why hosting the Symposium at your location would benefit the Society. Give a brief background on your experience in organizing past conferences.
3) Include a list of hotels and their approximate rates for the time of the Symposium (date may be proposed by organizers to fit with local seasons, events, and rates.  We would like you to identify low cost arrangements for students and young investigators.
4) Provide the names of the carotenoid researchers in your country and their area of expertise who could assist you in hosting this conference; this could include a list of a local organizing committee.
5) Provide details of the social events and the program for the accompanying persons that you plan to offer.  
6) Prepare the estimated costs for organizing the conference; this should include the scientific program, the social events, and other related costs. Because with today’s changing economy it is difficult to predict the costs in 2020, an estimate based on current rates is appropriate.  Many venues require and advance payment, if that is the case be sure to include this and the anticipated amount of the advance payment.
7) Provide the potential sources of funding and sponsorship by various organizations in your city/country that could be used to subsidize the symposium.  Tourism boards etc.
8) If you plan to offer any post-conference activities such as social events and/or a scientific mini-symposium, provide a brief description of these activities.


The deadline for submitting proposals is April 30th, 2017.

The ICS Council will carefully examine all submissions and select the top three candidates to present their proposals to the ICS Council at the 17th International Carotenoid Symposium in Lucerne, July 2017.  Those presenting their proposal to the Council will be doing so as a Powerpoint Presentation.  Examples of past presentations and powerpoints are available upon request.  The host for the 2020 International Symposium on Carotenoids will be announced to the general membership at the Conclusion of the 2017 Symposium.
I am looking forward to receiving your reply soon.
Dr. John Landrum
President of the International Carotenoid Society